Poolworks offers a complete line of services and repairs for commercial swimming pools, spas, fountains and water features including all HRS inspection Issues and more. We service everything from recirculation pumps, filters / filtering systems, valving, plumbing, gas pool and spa heater, tile, ladders and handrails, pool and spa lights, controllers, chemical feeders, chlorinators, salt chlorine generators to large scale repairs and renovations. 

Every great commercial swimming pool, spa, fountain and water feature needs functional; plumbing and electrical as well as equipment such as pool pumps, filters, and pool heaters. Maintaining a commercial swimming pool, spa, fountain and water feature is as easy as finding the right professionals to install and maintain it, which is where Poolworks comes in. We provide comprehensive diagnostics, pool equipment, services and exceptional customer service beyond your expectations.

Poolworks provides our customers with the highest quality service, repairs, upgrades and replacement of commercial; swimming pool equipment, spa equipment, fountain and water feature equipment and our experienced repair staff is well qualified to repair and/or perform the cosmetic enhancements you need. We work closely with the Florida HRS to make onsite safety a priority, reducing your potential liability. When it comes to repairing commercial swimming pool, spa, fountain and water feature equipment our diagnosis is the most critical part of the repair and requires the most skilled technician. We are knowledge. We don't guess; we troubleshoot. We give you a knowledgeable and honest assessment of your equipment, diagnose your problem and review the advisability of the repair. We are your advocate and when we give you a diagnosis, you get the full benefit of our knowledge and experience. We stand behind our service.

Poolworks is an authorized warranty station for Pentair, Raypak, Vak Pak and Others.

If you need service or repair for your commercial swimming pool, spa, fountain or water feature, please contact us for a free on-site evaluation of your project at (407) 831-5571.

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